import random
import time
fact_1 = 'There are around 7,000 flights in the air at any one time'
fact_2 = 'There are no less than 20 flights per day between New York and London'
fact_3 = "More than a million people fly the world's busiest domestic air route every month"
fact_4 = "The average flight travels at 35,000 feet That's about seven miles above the surface of the Earth."
fact_5 = "The temperature outside your plane is - 51°C.\n Don't even think about opening the window"
fact_6 = 'You have heard about olives and pilots eating separate meals. \n But did you know that Singapore Airlines spends $700 million on food every year? \n $16 million is spent on wine alone. '
fact_7 = 'airlines have to be careful with the food they give you. Your taste-buds act differently on a plane due to pressure changes. \n For example, you can’t taste salty things that well.'
fact_8 = "The victorious Boeing 747 (RIP, Airbus A380) jumbo jet is made up of six million parts and 240-280 kilometers of wires. \n No surprise that airline maintenance is such a sticky issue."
fact_9 = "The Soviet An-2 biplane has the longest production run (1947-2001) of any plane and is the most mass-produced (18,000+ built) air transport.\n You can still fly one today – people love operating them in rugged conditions."
fact_10= "planes going in for a landing often set their engines to 'flight idle,' where they’re operating, but not providing the push. \n Therefore, when the plane is landing, the engines can all die without affecting anything."
fact_11= 'The tail rotor on a helicopter is there to prevent the main rotor from spinning the hull in place. \n  Unlike an An-2, a helicopter thirsts for your blood.'
fact_12= 'At 12% humidity, the air in an airplane cabin is drier than most deserts.\n Stay hydrated! It’s also colder than most deserts, but I’m sure you noticed that already.'
fact_13= "Passengers account only for about 10% of the plane’s take-off weight. Fuel takes the biggest part."
fact_14= "For various good reasons (cheeky smokers being one of them), airplane lavatories can be unlocked from the outside."
fact_15= "Qantas invented business class in 1979, but many other airlines were experimenting with creating something between first and economy classes.\n Currently, airlines are working on inventing a class below the economy."

facts=(fact_1, fact_2, fact_3,fact_4,fact_5,fact_6,fact_7,fact_8,fact_9,fact_10,fact_11,fact_12,fact_13,fact_14,fact_15)

print("Sorry for the delay , Here's a fun fact")
print (random.choice(facts))

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