Product updates

Change log of notable updates made to all platforms

Updates listed from Jan 2021 and onwards

March 21
  • [New] Auto-format HTML code in editor
  • [Bug] Remove empty collections from recommendations
  • Added Feedback button to dashboard
  • [Bug] Cancelling linked snippets without selection doesn't reactivate
  • Mobile optimize dashboard sidebar
  • Hide edit history unless clicked
  • Delete confirmation in dashboard
  • [Style update] Edit mode for collections
  • Add multiple snippets to collection in dashboard
  • Multi-select added to sub-collections
  • [New] Add sub-collections
  • Pagination to search results
  • New image for no search results
  • Removed option to add collection language
  • [Bug] Search had broken with last update
  • Edit collection merged into edit mode of multi-posts
  • Multiple select published
  • Select or deselect all in dashboard
  • Unstar multiple snippets
  • Remove multiple snippets from a collection
  • Multiple-select to grid-view
  • Add multiple snippets to collection
  • Delete many snippets at once in dashboard
  • Save list/grid view prefrence
  • Delete user account added
  • Edit linked snippets
  • Display linked snippets
  • [New] Save linked snippets
  • List view in collections
  • [Style update] New post in dark mode
  • [Bug] Bypass LastPass extension on tags field
  • [Style update] Syntax highlighting in dark mode
  • [Bug] Voting fix on list-view
  • [Bug] Remove scrollbars from sidebar and embedded snippets
  • [Style update] Font & auto-resizing in code editor
  • [Bug] Tags preference that would insert commas
Feb 21
  • Expand code in list-view on dashboard
  • Remove votes for pvt snipepts
  • [Bug] Escape event.default on icon click on card snippet
  • Voting switched to thumbs up
  • Made card snippets clickable
  • Public tag for users
  • Optimize images for Twitter
  • [Bug] Sidebar hover on list items
  • Homepage updated with sharing options
  • [New] View snippet edit history
  • [Style update] search, loading, button labels, list-view
  • [New] Gravatar for user profile photos
  • [Style Update] User profile revamped
  • [Bug] Overflow in embedded posts
  • [New] Premium support for users
  • Save private/public preference based on last save
  • [New] Download snippets as images
  • Line wrapping, cursor & matching brackets highlighted in code editor
  • [New] VS Code extension launched
Jan 21
  • Performance improvements for quicker rendering
  • [New] Converted to installable progressive web app
  • Features & pricing page added
  • Similar snippets and collection recommended
  • New favicon
  • [New] Dark mode added
  • Added shareable as HTML iframe button
v2.0.1.1 Save private by default option added to menu
v2.0.1.0 Blacklist feature. Disable button on specific domains.
v2.0.0.9 Quick save bug resolved
v2.0.0.8 Code textarea - font-family fixed and resizing limited to vertical.
v2.0.0.7 Accounted for background-colour of images on some sites
v2.0.0.6 Code cleanup
v2.0.0.5 Removed My snippets from footer. To a butotn in the middle. Renamed it "open snippets sidebar". Moved tutorial to a grey question at bottom.
v2.0.0.4 Added a tutorial for users that are confused
v2.0.0.3 Code cleanup
v2.0.0.2 Styling update to save form
v2.0.0.1 Performance improvement for speed
v2.0.0.0 Moved to API-based authentication & saving of snippets
v1.1.3.6 Messaging for updated users
v1.1.3.5 Error messaging for popup
v1.1.3.4 Error messaging for sidebar
v1.1.3.3 Re-added to Github [Bug resolved]
v1.1.2.0 Added a notication number to popup icon when a snippet matches a saved snippet in thiscodeworks, & highlights snippet on page with blue border. Only on Stackoverflow.
v1.1.1.6 Redesigned popup & sidebar & save button to match new web app theme
v1.1.1.5 Quick save option added
v1.1.1.4 Users can now disable the Save button
v1.1.1.3 Add edit button to posts in sidebar
v1.1.1.1 Searchbar implemented in sidebar!
v1.1.1.0 Github bug - opens in new tab
v1.1.0.9 Added "click to copy" button for code in sidebar
v1.1.0.8 Added loading gif to popup
v1.1.0.4 Fix for paper.js
v1.1.0.1 Fix for Stripe docs
v1.0.6 Context menu to save selected code as a snippet on right-click
v1.0.5 Save webpage in popup
v1.0.4 Auto-save language of snippet from Stackoverflow and other sites with similar syntax
v1.0.3 Fix for Google Translate
v1.0.0 Save code snippet within a popup on the same page
v0.9.7 Sidebar for viewing all saved code without visiting website
v0.9 Extension renamed to "Save Code"
v0.8 Style changes to save snippet button - icon+text in form of label under code blocks
v0.6 Saving code snippet now saves page title as well
v0.1 First build
v0.1.3 Update API Token option added. Error fallbacks for 401 errors.
v0.1.2 Documentation edit.
v0.1.1 Update in instructions & commands.
v0.1.0 Fixed typo in Windows keyboard shortcut for My Snippets.
v0.0.9 Refresh button added to My Snippets.
v0.0.8 'Go to Dashboard' button added to My Snippets.
v0.0.7 View snippets in grid view.
v0.0.6 You can now view snippets inside editor!
v0.0.5 Renamed Activate extension command and title. Added installation instructions & logo.
v0.0.4 Change name to Save Code. Added API request on save snippets.
v0.0.3 Detect & save language.
v0.0.2 Saves API Key.
v0.0.1 Select text and save snippet with title.