About thiscodeWorks.com

Coders organizing & sharing the best of code

Basically we're trying to solve the Stackoverflow problem:

  • by crowdsourcing the best of code,
  • organizing that code
  • through user curation of boards and hashtags,
  • and ultimately creating the Pinterest of Code!
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Mishka Orakzai

"As a self-taught programmer I was constantly frustrated by how many places I had to scour for that one snippet of code that worked. So as my first web project, I developed a place to save & organize code that worked for me. Once other coders started to use it, thiscodeWorks evolved from a snippet manager to a crowdsourced repository of the best of code.

One day I see this becoming the go-to place for any kind of code, right next to Github & Stackoverflow (or perhaps even in place of! )."
- Mishka

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