Save Code

Use our extensions to save & organize code snippets instantly & sync across platforms.
Available in the Chrome Web Store Get Firefox Add-on Get VS Code extension

Click the Save button under snippets online

Select any text and right-click to save code

Save webpages, acess recent code in a sidebar and much more

Our users explain it best

Save Code extension is the most-cool thing I am introduced to in May and till now. And I have this enabled all the time while working or surfing to save #code with reference to the problem at hand

We as devs love code snippets. So, here's an extension for saving those magical snippets.

It has been so usefull because i can have all my snippets organized in one place and I can acces them any time for my study


It see what problems I have solved across various platform.

Instead of saving bookmarks for every interesing stuff you find, you can save exactly what matters and have it in a single place (also, tagging by language makes this better)

Ease of storing code on the go

It allows me to find my old code after it has been rewritten