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  <!-- Cards with dismiss -->
  <div class="card opa relative-wrap">
      <img class="brand-img" src="../assets/gow.jpg" alt="demo" />
      <div class="card-info">
          <h5 class="product-name">God of War</h5>
          <p class="description">PEGI Rating: Ages 16 and Above</p>
          <div class="green-rate">
              4.5 <span class="material-icons star-icon"> star </span>

          <span class="price"><sup>₹</sup>2,970<s>5,499</s><span class="saving">Save 2,529 (46%)</span></span>

          <button class="card-btn primary-btn">BUY NOW</button>
          <button class="card-btn card-icon-btn">
              <span class="material-icons icon"> shopping_cart </span>
              Add to Cart
      <h3 class="out-stock">OUT OF STOCK</h3>
      <button class="btn dismiss float-action">
          <span class="material-icons close"> close </span>