Create scroll-driven micro-interactions with animation-timeline and custom properties 🔥


Tue Dec 05 2023 07:39:43 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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.search { animation: shrink; animation-timeline: scroll(); animation-range: 0 calc(var(--header-height) * 0.5); } @​keyframes shrink { to { width: calc(100% - var(--button-size); } } The --header-height is being used to dictate the container height for the header. You can use that for the animation-range used across different scroll animations 🤙 For another example, you can animate the box-shadow reveal on the header once the search has stuck 🍡 header { animation: shadow; animation-timeline: scroll(); animation-range: var(--header-height) calc(var(--header-height) * 1.5); } @​keyframes shadow { to { box-shadow: 0 5px 10px hsl(0 0% 0%); } } Then you have the little extras! 🧸🎈 Everything powered by the scroll() animation-timeline which hooks into the page scroll. And then using the --header-height in the different animation-range ✨