Embedded media video warning & backup HTML Magento WYSIWYG editor evbaw


Tue Sep 27 2022 08:35:23 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Saved by @FlybubbleCrew #html

<!--------------- WARNING - DO NOT USE WYSIWYG EDITOR TO EDIT THIS SECTION ------------------

This section contains HTML code for embedded media e.g. videos, mouse-hover images. Editing or even opening this section with the Magento WYSIWYG editor will likely break the HTML code, causing issues.

Below is a backup of the code used. To fix do the following:
  1. Copy code from backup below
  2. Search for 'data-mce-json' or the video URL to locate broken media code
  3. Visually check the video URL being replaced matches what you have copied
  4. Replace the whole line which contains 'data-mce-json' with the backup code

Backup embedded media code: