Type    Host name               Points to address or value			TTL	          
MX      @             	1 Hour
TXT     @			v=spf1 -all	1 Hour
CNAME   autodiscover                         1 Hour
CNAME   sip				1 Hour
CNAME	lyncdiscover				1 Hour
CNAME	enterpriseregistration		1 Hour
CNAME	enterpriseenrollment	1 Hour
CNAME   selector1._domainkey 
CNAME   selector2._domainkey

Type	Service			Protocol Port	Weight	 Priority	TTL 	Name	Target	
SRV	_sip			_tls	 443	   1	    100	   1 Hour	@
SRV 	_sipfederationtls	_tcp	 5061	   1	    100	   1 Hour	@
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