th, td {
    padding: 22px;}
    h2 {color:orange}
      body {background-color:White }
    legend   {color:orange}
    fieldset   {border: 2px solid green;}
    /*input {background-color: orange}*/
    /*input{ color: green }*/
        float: right;
        background-color: orange;
        color: #ffffff;
        border-color: green;

<table style="width:100%"></table>
	  <h2>Dado tea lunch special</h2>
	  	<th>Monday to friday</th>
	  <br>11am - 2pm
	 <br>$9.95 plus tax<br>
	 <br>Include sandwich,snack,and drink<br>
        <legend>Order Information:</legend>
        Name:<input type="text"name="order_name"> <br>
        Here<input type="radio" name="order_option"><br>
        To go<input type="radio"name="order_option"><br>

            Tommato<input type="radio" name="option1">
             Chicken salad<input type="radio"name="option1">
            Greak salad wrap<input type="radio" name="option2">
            Toto wrap<input type="radio"name="option2">
            Red pepper hummas<input type="radio" name="option3">
            Rosted turkey<input type="radio"name="option3">
            Carrot-ginger hummas wrap<input type="radio" name="option4">
            Chicken salad<input type="radio"name="option4">
             Dado Wrap<input type="radio" name="option5"> <br>
             Tuna salad<input type="radio"name="option5"> <br>

    Apple<input type="radio" name="order_option1"><br>
    Bannana<input type="radio"name="order_option1"><br>
    Potato chips<input type="radio"name="order_option1"><br>
	<select name="items" id="items">
	  <option value="Hot black tea-keemun">Hot black tea-keemun</option>
	  <option value="salad">salad</option>
	  <option value="burgar">burgar</option>
	  <option value="pizza">pizza</option>
<input type="submit" id="place_order" value="Place Order"> 
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