yusuke_power = {"Yusuke Urameshi": "Spirit Gun"}
hiei_power = {"Hiei": "Jagan Eye"}
powers = dict()

# Brute force
for dictionary in (yusuke_power, hiei_power):
    for key, value in dictionary.items():
        powers[key] = value

# Dictionary Comprehension
powers = {key: value for d in (yusuke_power, hiei_power) for key, value in d.items()}

# Copy and update
powers = yusuke_power.copy()

# Dictionary unpacking (Python 3.5+)
powers = {**yusuke_power, **hiei_power}

# Backwards compatible function for any number of dicts
def merge_dicts(*dicts: dict):
    merged_dict = dict()
    for dictionary in dicts:
    return merged_dict

# Dictionary union operator (Python 3.9+ maybe?)
powers = yusuke_power | hiei_power
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