"pages": [
		"id": "references",
		"content": "<div style='width: 1024px; height: 580px; background-color: #fafafa;'><div style='padding: 20px;'><b>Sources:</b><br/><br/>Active LCDs, Noridian Healthcare Solutions.<br/><br/><br/>Chapter 13 – Local  Coverage Determinations, Medicare Program Integrity Manual, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.<br/><br/><br/>Indexes, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.<br/><br/><br/>Local Coverage Determinations Create Inconsistency in Medicare Coverage, Office of Inspector General, Department of Health and Human Services.<br/><br/><br/>Medicare Coverage Determination Process, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.<br/><br/><br/>Regional Map, CMS Regional Offices, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.<br/><br/><br/>United States Department of Health and Human Services.<br/></div></div>"
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