<button type="submit" id="customers_filter" onclick="checkWhetherTheTableContainsSearchResults()"
                                class="btn filter-button d-inline-block ml-3">
<input id="search-hidden-input" hidden name="searchValue">

function checkWhetherTheTableContainsSearchResults() {
        let search =
            searchInputElement = document.getElementById('search-hidden-input');
        if(search != '') {
            searchInputElement.setAttribute('value', search);
// If the filter is to work on search results, the original search parameter has to be passed into the request array.
        // Thus, the request array will return more than one parameter 
        // AND
        // one of the parameters will be searchValue
        // WHICH
        // will contain the entire search parameter (key + value)

        if ((count($request->all()) > 1) && (isset($request->searchValue))) {
            if (strpos($request->searchValue, '=')) {
                $string = $request->searchValue;
                $array = explode('=', $string);
                $request->searchValue = $array[1];
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