public class Employee {
      private String name;
      public String getName(){return; }
      public void setName(String name){ = name;}

      private String address;
      public String getAddress(){return this.address; }
      public void setAddress(String address){this.address = address;}

      private int idNumber;
      public String getIdNumber(){return this.idNumber; }
      public void setIdNumber(int idNumber){this.idNumber = idNumber;}

      private double payRate;
      public String getPayRate(){return this.payRate; }
      public void setPayRate(double payRate){this.payRate = payRate;}

      public Employee(String name, String address, int idNumber, double payRate){
 = name;
          this.address = address;
          this.idNumber = idNumber;
          this.payRate = payRate;

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