// equalIgnoreHash returns true if two given podTemplateSpec are equal, ignoring the diff in value of Labels[pod-template-hash]
// We ignore pod-template-hash because:
// 1. The hash result would be different upon podTemplateSpec API changes
//    (e.g. the addition of a new field will cause the hash code to change)
// 2. The deployment template won't have hash labels
func equalIgnoreHash(template1, template2 *corev1.PodTemplateSpec) bool {
	t1Copy := template1.DeepCopy()
	t2Copy := template2.DeepCopy()
	// Remove hash labels from template.Labels before comparing
	delete(t1Copy.Labels, appsv1.DefaultDeploymentUniqueLabelKey)
	delete(t2Copy.Labels, appsv1.DefaultDeploymentUniqueLabelKey)
	return apiequality.Semantic.DeepEqual(t1Copy, t2Copy)
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