# print message
echo "Test!"

# create new directory
mkdir new_directory

# change directory
cd new_director

# print current working directory

# copy file
cp ../spider.txt .

# create empty file
touch myfile.txt

# list files and directories in current directory (with additional information using -l, including hidden files -a)
ls -l
ls- la

# combine ls via a pipe to the less command to show only so many entries at a time
ls -l | less # you can quit with "q"

# rename a file
mv my.file.txt emptyfile.txt

# delete a file
rm *
# delete an empty directory
rmdir new_directory/
# list all running process on the computer
ps-ax | grep ping # filter process names through grep

# kill a process
kill 4619 # where 4619 is the process ID (PID)
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