import torch
cross_entropy_loss = torch.nn.CrossEntropyLoss()

# Input: f_q (BxCxS) and sampled features from H(G_enc(x))
# Input: f_k (BxCxS) are sampled features from H(G_enc(G(x))
# Input: tau is the temperature used in PatchNCE loss.
# Output: PatchNCE loss
def PatchNCELoss(f_q, f_k, tau=0.07):
    # batch size, channel size, and number of sample locations
    B, C, S = f_q.shape

    # calculate v * v+: BxSx1
    l_pos = (f_k * f_q).sum(dim=1)[:, :, None]

    # calculate v * v-: BxSxS
    l_neg = torch.bmm(f_q.transpose(1, 2), f_k)

    # The diagonal entries are not negatives. Remove them.
    identity_matrix = torch.eye(S)[None, :, :]
    l_neg.masked_fill_(identity_matrix, -float('inf'))

    # calculate logits: (B)x(S)x(S+1)
    logits =, l_neg), dim=2) / tau

    # return PatchNCE loss
    predictions = logits.flatten(0, 1)
    targets = torch.zeros(B * S, dtype=torch.long)
    return cross_entropy_loss(predictions, targets)
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