/* 当文字的排版的书写顺序是水平排版布局,类似 writing-mode: lr 时,只需要用到 over、under 即可,当文本的排版布局模式是垂直模式时,类似 writing-mode: vertical-lr,才会用到 right 或者 left 关键字。 */
p {
    writing-mode: vertical-rl;
.keyword {
    text-emphasis: circle #f00;
.word {
    text-emphasis: 'x' blue;
    text-position: over left;
.emoji {
    text-emphasis: '😋';
    text-position: under right;

    A B C D  
    <span class="keyword">E F</span>
    G H
    <span class="word">I J</span>
    K L
    <span class="emoji">M N</span>
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