public with sharing class TruncateId {
    public TruncateId() {


    @InvocableMethod(label='Truncate ID' description='Transaction Id on Opportunity Object' category='Opportunity')
    public static void Truncate(List<Opportunity> OppIds){

        ID oppID = OppIds[0].id;

        Opportunity opp = [SELECT id, TranscationId__c, name FROM Opportunity WHERE id = :oppID];

        String last6 = opp.TranscationId__c.right(6);
        if(opp.TranscationId__c != null){    
            if(last6 != opp.Name.right(6)){
       = + last6;
                update  opp;


    public class GetOppId{
        @InvocableVariable(required=true label='Opportunity Id')
        public ID oppID;


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