import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:isolate';
main() async {
  var receivePort = new ReceivePort();
  await Isolate.spawn(echo, receivePort.sendPort);
// The 'echo' isolate sends it's SendPort as the first message
  var sendPort = await receivePort.first;
var msg = await sendReceive(sendPort, "bye");
  print('received $msg');
  msg = await sendReceive(sendPort, "hello");
  print('received $msg');
// the entry point for the isolate
echo(SendPort sendPort) async {
  // Open the ReceivePort for incoming messages.
  var port = new ReceivePort();
// Notify any other isolates what port this isolate listens to.
await for (var msg in port) {
    var data = msg[0];
    SendPort replyTo = msg[1];
    if (data == "hello") port.close();
/// sends a message on a port, receives the response,
/// and returns the message
Future sendReceive(SendPort port, msg) {
  ReceivePort response = new ReceivePort();
  port.send([msg, response.sendPort]);
  return response.first;
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