<div class="bg-white overflow-hidden">
    <div class="relative max-w-7xl mx-auto py-16 lg:py-16 px-4 sm:px-6 lg:px-8  ">
      <h2 class="mt-2 text-5xl pb-3 font-title text-gray-800  text-left uppercase font-normal">
      <div class="grid grid-cols-2 gap-4">

        <div class="col-span-2 md:col-span-1 flex items-center">
            <h2 class="font-body text-blue-1000 tracking-widest font-bold  uppercase text-left">Case Study
            <h3 class="mt-2 text-4xl font-title text-gray-800 text-left pb-2"> Best Buy
            <img class=" block md:hidden w-11/12 mx-auto mb-4  md:hidden md:w-3/4 mx-auto" src="" alt="Curascribe case study" width="1184" height="1376">
            <p class="font-body font-base text-gray-800 font-normal">We built BestBuy's influencer network, a platform
              where influencers from different social media channels can collaborate with BestBuy to promote their
              electronic products.</p>
            <a href="" download="">

              <button type="button" class=" w-full md:w-auto font-body text-center px-4 py-2 border border-transparent text-sm font-bold rounded-md shadow-sm text-white bg-blue-800 hover:bg-blue-700 focus:outline-none  focus:bg-blue-600 mt-5">
                Download Case Study

        <div class="hidden md:block col-span-2 md:col-span-1">
          <img class="object-cover object-center md:w-3/4 mx-auto" src="" alt="Curascribe case study" width="1184" height="1376">


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