# function to replace rows in the provided column of the provided dataframe
# that match the provided string above the provided ratio with the provided string
def replace_matches_in_column(df, column, string_to_match, min_ratio = 47):
    # get a list of unique strings
    strings = df[column].unique()
    # get the top 10 closest matches to our input string
    matches = fuzzywuzzy.process.extract(string_to_match, strings, 
                                         limit=10, scorer=fuzzywuzzy.fuzz.token_sort_ratio)

    # only get matches with a ratio > 90
    close_matches = [matches[0] for matches in matches if matches[1] >= min_ratio]

    # get the rows of all the close matches in our dataframe
    rows_with_matches = df[column].isin(close_matches)

    # replace all rows with close matches with the input matches 
    df.loc[rows_with_matches, column] = string_to_match
    # let us know the function's done
    print("All done!")
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