BIN -- Returns the given number in binary.

BINARY -- Returns the given value as a binary string.

CAST -- Converst one type into another.

COALESCE -- From a list of values, returns the first non-null value.

CONNECTION_ID -- For the current connection, returns the unique connection ID.

CONV -- Converts the given number from one numeric base system into another.

CONVERT -- Converts the given value into the given datatype or character set.

CURRENT_USER -- Returns the user and hostname which was used to authenticate with the server.

DATABASE -- Gets the name of the current database.

GROUP BY -- Used alongside aggregate functions (COUNT, MAX, MIN, SUM, AVG) to group the results.

HAVING -- Used in the place of WHERE with aggregate functions.

IF -- If the condition is true it returns a value, otherwise it returns another value.

IFNULL -- If the given expression equates to null, it returns the given value.

ISNULL -- If the expression is null, it returns 1, otherwise returns 0.

LAST_INSERT_ID -- For the last row which was added or updated in a table, returns the auto increment ID.

NULLIF -- Compares the 2 given expressions. If they are equal, NULL is returned, otherwise the first expression is returned.

SESSION_USER -- Returns the current user and hostnames.



VERSION -- Returns the current version of the MySQL powering the database.
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