from flask import Flask, jsonify, request

from cashman.model.expense import Expense, ExpenseSchema
from cashman.model.income import Income, IncomeSchema
from cashman.model.transaction_type import TransactionType

app = Flask(__name__)

transactions = [
  Income('Salary', 5000),
  Income('Dividends', 200),
  Expense('pizza', 50),
  Expense('Rock Concert', 100)

def get_incomes():
  schema = IncomeSchema(many=True)
  incomes = schema.dump(
    filter(lambda t: t.type == TransactionType.INCOME, transactions)
  return jsonify(

@app.route('/incomes', methods=['POST'])
def add_income():
  income = IncomeSchema().load(request.get_json())
  return "", 204

def get_expenses():
  schema = ExpenseSchema(many=True)
  expenses = schema.dump(
      filter(lambda t: t.type == TransactionType.EXPENSE, transactions)
  return jsonify(

@app.route('/expenses', methods=['POST'])
def add_expense():
  expense = ExpenseSchema().load(request.get_json())
  return "", 204

if __name__ == "__main__":
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