select * from (
select, as user_id,
    r.created_at as tiempo_utc,
    r.distance/1000 as distancia_km,
    r.cost[offset(0)].amount as coste,
    r.path[safe_offset(0)].latitude as latitude_initial,
    r.path[safe_offset(0)].longitude as longitude_initial,
    r.path[safe_offset(array_length(path)-1)].latitude as latitude_final,
    r.path[safe_offset(array_length(path)-1)].longitude as longitude_final,
    r.ending_battery_level, as vehicle_company, as app_company
from `reby-cloud.analytics_reby_v1_eu.pg_rides_json` r
left join `reby-cloud.analytics_reby_v1_eu.pg_company` co on r.vehicle_company_id =
left join `reby-cloud.analytics_reby_v1_eu.pg_company` co2 on r.company_id =
left join `reby-cloud.reby_marketing_eu.pg_company_user` cu on r.company_id = cu.company_id and r.user_id = cu.user_id
join `reby-cloud.temp_eu.200_users_aepd_avant` aepd on aepd.from_co_cu_id =
--order by r.created_at asc
) where vehicle_company = 'Avant'
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