# Plot overlaid histograms for continuous features
for i in ['Age', 'Fare']:
    died = list(titanic[titanic['Survived'] == 0][i].dropna())
    survived = list(titanic[titanic['Survived'] == 1][i].dropna())
    xmin = min(min(died), min(survived))
    xmax = max(max(died), max(survived))
    width = (xmax - xmin) / 40
    sns.distplot(died, color='r', kde=False, bins=np.arange(xmin, xmax, width))
    sns.distplot(survived, color='g', kde=False, bins=np.arange(xmin, xmax, width))
    plt.legend(['Did not survive', 'Survived'])
    plt.title('Overlaid histogram for {}'.format(i))
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