// place the codes in functions.php and call the function wherever you want.

function philosophy_pagination()
   global $wp_query;
   $links = paginate_links(array(
      'current'      => max(1, get_query_var('paged')),
      'total'        => $wp_query->max_num_pages,
      'type'         => 'list',
      'mid_size'     => 3,
   $links = str_replace('page-numbers', 'pgn__num', $links);
   $links = str_replace("<ul class='pgn__num'>", "<ul>", $links);
   $links = str_replace('next pgn__num', 'pgn__next', $links);
   $links = str_replace('prev pgn__num', 'pgn__prev', $links);
   echo wp_kses_post($links);
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