final List<Map<String, dynamic>> allPlayers = [
    {"name": "Rohit Sharma", "country": "India"},
    {"name": "Virat Kohli ", "country": "India"},
    {"name": "Glenn Maxwell", "country": "Australia"},
    {"name": "Aaron Finch", "country": "Australia"},
    {"name": "Martin Guptill", "country": "New Zealand"},
    {"name": "Trent Boult", "country": "New Zealand"},
    {"name": "David Miller", "country": "South Africa"},
    {"name": "Kagiso Rabada", "country": "South Africa"},
    {"name": "Chris Gayle", "country": "West Indies"},
    {"name": "Jason Holder", "country": "West Indies"},
  Rx<List<Map<String, dynamic>>> foundPlayers =
      Rx<List<Map<String, dynamic>>>([]);

  void onInit() {
    foundPlayers.value = allPlayers;

  void onReady() {

  void onClose() {}
  void filterPlayer(String playerName) {
    List<Map<String, dynamic>> results = [];
    if (playerName.isEmpty) {
      results = allPlayers;
    } else {
      results = allPlayers
          .where((element) => element["name"]
    foundPlayers.value = results;
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