{ // Block scope
     Foo fooVal = makeFoo(); // Say makeFoo() returns a (temporary, unnamed) Foo
     // Here the temporary Foo is dead (fooVal is a copy).

     // Foo &fooRef = makeFoo(); // Error, reference is non-const
     Foo const &fooCRef = makeFoo(); // All good

     // ...

     // The second temporary is still alive
     fooCRef.doSomethingFunny(); // Works like a charm !

} // The second temporary dies with fooRef


Foo *fooPtr = new Foo; // Here is a Foo
Foo &fooRef = *fooPtr; // Here is an alias for that Foo

delete fooPtr; // Here is the end of that Foo's life

fooRef.doSomethingFunny(); // Here comes trouble...
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