'In this Example I am Copying the File From "C:Temp" Folder to "D:Job" Folder
Sub sbCopyingAFile()

'Declare Variables
Dim sFile As String
Dim sSFolder As String
Dim sDFolder As String

'This is Your File Name which you want to Copy
sFile = "Sample.xls"

'Change to match the source folder path
sSFolder = "C:Temp"

'Change to match the destination folder path
sDFolder = "D:Job"

'Create Object
Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

'Checking If File Is Located in the Source Folder
If Not FSO.FileExists(sSFolder & sFile) Then
    MsgBox "Specified File Not Found", vbInformation, "Not Found"
'Copying If the Same File is Not Located in the Destination Folder
ElseIf Not FSO.FileExists(sDFolder & sFile) Then
    FSO.CopyFile (sSFolder & sFile), sDFolder, True
    MsgBox "Specified File Copied Successfully", vbInformation, "Done!"
    MsgBox "Specified File Already Exists In The Destination Folder", vbExclamation, "File Already Exists"
End If

End Sub
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