requestSuccessful: true,
  responseData: {
    id: 0,
    accountName: 'Gabriel Mbugua',
    firstName: 'Gabriel',
    lastName: 'Mbugua',
    accountBalance: 0,
    ledgerBalance: 0,
    accountNo: '8250002075',
    expired: false,
    providerName: 'Sterling',
    currency: 'NGN',
    country: 'NGA',
    createdAt: '2023-01-30T17:27:49.5440025+00:00',
    accountType: 'DYNAMIC',
    accountId: '30e0fa13-f9be-4815-8f4e-eb2f7867bd86',
    mifosAccountRef: null
  message: 'Successful',
  responseCode: '00'
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