<template #buttons>
        <vxe-button @click="allAlign = 'left'">居左</vxe-button>
        <vxe-button @click="allAlign = 'center'">居中</vxe-button>
        <vxe-button @click="allAlign = 'right'">居右</vxe-button>

      <vxe-column type="seq" width="60"></vxe-column>
      <vxe-column field="name" title="Name"></vxe-column>
      <vxe-column field="sex" title="Sex"></vxe-column>
      <vxe-column field="age" title="Age"></vxe-column>

<script lang="ts" setup>
import { ref } from 'vue'
import { VxeTablePropTypes } from 'vxe-table'

interface RowVO {
  id: number
  name: string
  role: string
  sex: string
  age: number
  address: string

const allAlign = ref<VxeTablePropTypes.Align>(null)

const tableData = ref<RowVO[]>([
  { id: 10001, name: 'Test1', role: 'Develop', sex: 'Man', age: 28, address: 'test abc' },
  { id: 10002, name: 'Test2', role: 'Test', sex: 'Women', age: 22, address: 'Guangzhou' },
  { id: 10003, name: 'Test3', role: 'PM', sex: 'Man', age: 32, address: 'Shanghai' },
  { id: 10004, name: 'Test4', role: 'Designer', sex: 'Women', age: 24, address: 'Shanghai' }
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