class Solution{
int randomPartition(int arr[], int l, int r)
        int n = r-l+1;
        int pivot = rand() % n;
        swap(arr[l + pivot], arr[r]);
        return partition(arr, l, r);
    int kthSmallest(int arr[], int l, int r, int k)
        // If k is smaller than number of elements in array
        if (k > 0 && k <= r - l + 1)
            // find a position for random partition
            int pos = randomPartition(arr, l, r);
            // if this pos gives the kth smallest element, then return
            if (pos-l == k-1)
                return arr[pos];
            // else recurse for the left and right half accordingly
            if (pos-l > k-1)  
                return kthSmallest(arr, l, pos-1, k);
            return kthSmallest(arr, pos+1, r, k-pos+l-1);
        return INT_MAX;
    // partitioning the array along the pivot
    int partition(int arr[], int l, int r)
        int x = arr[r], i = l;
        for (int j = l; j <= r - 1; j++)
            if (arr[j] <= x)
                swap(arr[i], arr[j]);
        swap(arr[i], arr[r]);
        return i;
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