Dancer Fn


Tue Jun 22 2021 12:04:50 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Saved by @ejiwen #javascript

// Creates and returns a new dancer object that can step
var makeDancer = function(top, left, timeBetweenSteps) {

  var dancer = {};

  // use jQuery to create an HTML <span> tag
  dancer.$node = $('<span class="dancer"></span>');

  dancer.step = function() {
    // the basic dancer doesn't do anything interesting at all on each step,
    // it just schedules the next step
    setTimeout(dancer.step, timeBetweenSteps);

  dancer.setPosition = function(top, left) {
    // Use css top and left properties to position our <span> tag
    // where it belongs on the page. See
    var styleSettings = {
      top: top,
      left: left

  // now that we have defined the dancer object, we can start setting up important parts of it by calling the methods we wrote
  // this one sets the position to some random default point within the body
  dancer.setPosition(top, left);

  return dancer;