Basic Exporter Template with Python; Part 5


Tue Nov 08 2022 14:15:23 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Saved by @MaVCArt #python

# -- Assuming "" exists in sys.path
from base_exporter import ExporterBase

# -- import the modules we will need to acquire our mesh, and export it
import pymel.core as pm

class BasicMayaMeshExporter(ExporterBase):

    def validate():
        # -- get all meshes that conform to the name given in the options, under the "mesh_name" key
        mesh ='mesh_name'), geometry=True, sl=False)

        # -- fail the export process if no such meshes exist
        if not len(mesh):
            return False

        # -- if they do, continue the export process. This exporter does not enfoce the mesh name to be unique.
        return True
    def export():
        # -- acquire the meshes and select them
        meshes ='mesh_name'), geometry=True, sl=True)

        # -- perform the export