Clear Content 2nd Column When Identical/Duplicate ID - VBA @pp_92


Sun Feb 20 2022 10:50:38 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Saved by @pharehphatah #vba

Sub newB()
    Dim rgnFilter As Range, rgnArea As Range, rgnRow As Range
    Dim i As Long, lastRow As Long
    Dim toDelete As Boolean

    With Sheet1
        'If data is unfiltered then exit sub'
        If .AutoFilterMode = False Then
            MsgBox "Please filter the data first.", vbInformation
            Exit Sub
        End If
        'Get lastRow data'
        lastRow = .Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
        'Set column C filtered data as rgn'
        Set rgnFilter = .Range("C7:C" & lastRow).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible)
        toDelete = False
        'loop each filtered area'
        For Each rgnArea In rgnFilter.Areas
            'If filtered area have rows>1 then proceed'
            If rgnArea.Rows.Count > 1 Then
                'Loop each cell in each filtered area'
                For Each rgnRow In rgnArea
                    'If toDelete = false then skip else delete in cell B row'
                    If toDelete = False Then
                        toDelete = True
                        .Range("B" & rgnRow.Row).Value = Empty
                        toDelete = False
                    End If
                Next rgnRow
            End If
        Next rgnArea
        'Unfilter sheet'
        .AutoFilterMode = False
    End With
End Sub

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