Create a scoreboard class and load previous records and save new one


Thu Nov 04 2021 23:30:26 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Saved by @miguel9177 #c#

 class ScoreBoard
        // Constructor that takes points and number of records, this constructor will be called if the user doesnt insert the name, and will assing the name to unknown
        public ScoreBoard(int points, int numberOfRecords)
            playerName = "unknown";
            playerPoints = points;
            numberOfSaves = numberOfRecords + 1;

        // Constructor that takes all the arguments, this constructor will set the name, points and number of records
        public ScoreBoard(string name, int points, int numberOfRecords)
            playerName = name;
            playerPoints = points;
            numberOfSaves = numberOfRecords +1;

        //Create a read only variable called playername
        public string playerName { get; }

        //Create a read only variable called Player points
        public int playerPoints { get; }

        //Create a read only variable called number of saves
        public int numberOfSaves { get; }        

    //create this player score
    ScoreBoard playerScore;

    //save the text box that will get the name of the player
    Text TextNameOfPlayer;

    public void CallerOfSetPlayerScore(int points)
        //call the function
        SetPlayerScore(points, TextNameOfPlayer.text);

    //this function add the points, name, to the player
    private void SetPlayerScore(int playerPoints_, string playerName_ = "unknown")
        //give the currect values of this player score
        playerScore = new ScoreBoard(playerName_, 50, PlayerPrefs.GetInt("NumberOfItems"));

    //this function will load all the points stored
    public void LoadPlayerScores()
        //do a loop trought all the scores
        for (int i = 0; i < PlayerPrefs.GetInt("NumberOfItems") + 1; i++)
            Debug.Log(PlayerPrefs.GetString("Name" + i));
            Debug.Log(PlayerPrefs.GetInt("Points" + i));


    //this function will save all the points
    public void SavePlayerScore()
        //this will set all the variables with nameN (the n is the number of all the saves +1) so it will create a new player pref because it has a number at the end making is name different from the older prefs
        PlayerPrefs.SetString("Name" + playerScore.numberOfSaves, playerScore.playerName);
        PlayerPrefs.SetInt("Points" + playerScore.numberOfSaves, playerScore.playerPoints);
        PlayerPrefs.SetInt("NumberOfItems", playerScore.numberOfSaves);