batch file to install a program


Fri Oct 29 2021 15:00:19 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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@echo off
color f0
:: overwrite your program name after the '=' ::
set ProgramNameHere=ProgramNameHere
goto start
cd users
cd %username%
cd desktop
md %ProgramNameHere%
:: overwrite your file path on the 'DATA' ::
:: overwrite your file name on the 'file1', 'file2'...
:: overwritw your file name after the 'extracting'.
echo DATA>>C:\Users\%Username%\Desktop\%programNameHere%\file1.txt
echo extracting file 1
ping localhost>nul
echo DATA>>C:\Users\%Username%\Desktop\%programNameHere%\file2.txt
echo extracting file 2
ping localhost>nul
echo DATA>>C:\Users\%Username%\Desktop\%programNameHere%\file3.txt
echo extracting file 3
ping localhost>nul
echo DATA>>C:\Users\%Username%\Desktop\%programNameHere%\file4.txt
echo extracting file 4
ping localhost>nul
echo DATA>>C:\Users\%Username%\Desktop\%programNameHere%\file5.txt
echo extracting file 5
ping localhost>nul
echo DATA>>C:\Users\%Username%\Desktop\%programNameHere%\file6.txt
echo extracting file 6
ping localhost>nul
echo DATA>>C:\Users\%Username%\Desktop\%programNameHere%\file7.txt
echo extracting file 7
ping localhost>nul
echo DATA>>C:\Users\%Username%\Desktop\%programNameHere%\file8.txt
echo extracting file 8
ping localhost>nul
echo DATA>>C:\Users\%Username%\Desktop\%programNameHere%\file9.txt
echo extracting file 9
ping localhost>nul
echo DATA>>C:\Users\%Username%\Desktop\%programNameHere%\file10.txt
echo extracting file 10
ping localhost>nul
goto exit