Fri Jan 15 2021 13:28:09 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Saved by @shahbaz #php #laravel

Hello, As I read in your description that your company has many php- laravel, javascript projects, I am very interested in working with you. As you can see my profile, I have worked in core PHP, php and wordpress and javascript many times. I can work in this domain.
I know MVCs very well and have experience with them. I have worked with MVC CRUD, routing, integrating frontend technologies like vue.js and angular.js with the MVCs.
I have spent time in Integrating payment gateways in php and laravel.
I am also quiet good in architecturing databases like MySQL.
So overall I feel I will be a great fit t your system if selected once for a project.
If any thing is new for me that has to be implemented in the project then I find it to be a great opportunity of learning and implementation. So you can trust me and keep me as your working partner. You wil find me as a basic need of your development team after I have spent some time working with youl.
I will be waiting for your response.
Thank you.
Kind Regards.