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<p><em>||QUICK-ADD: If product is pre-order or requires availability ordering information displayed on product page, the HTML code is here: https://www.thiscodeworks.com/availability-and-order-info-with-pre-order-html/6332cdcb65850f0015e10b16 ||</em></p>


<p><em>||Text below this line is all for Description field, text above is for short description||</em></p>

<h2>Technical data</h2>
<p><em>|| Use https://www.tablesgenerator.com/html_tables# ||</em></p>

<p>Standard colours: _COLOURS.</p>

<p><em>||On brand website, locate the link to view custom colours of the product, copy that link and paste it in the code below||</em></p>
<p>Custom colours: <a href="URL_TO_CUSTOM_COLOUR_SECTION_OF_SPECIFIC_MODEL" title="Custom colours" target="_blank">Choose your colours</a> and email us the colour reference with your order. Include a screenshot if you can. Full payment required upfront to confirm your order after which it cannot be cancelled.</p>