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Host My-Application-Name-or-project-name
    HostName XX.XXX.XXX.XX
    User ubuntu   # user name of machine to login/ssh
    IdentityFile C:\Users\JOHN\.ssh\mykeypair.pem
Django has a contrib package called "django.contrib.humanize". 
#Add this to your INSTALLED_APPS, 
#then use 
{% load humanize %} 
#in your template, after that,
you can use "value|naturaltime" template tag. "value" will be your date

ref :
#when we are storing the data to any directory in AVRO FILE FORMAT, then we have to do some #extra thing that is need to download the jar from the maven like,
# if our spark is 3.0.3 version then we have to search like spark avro 3.0.3 and download the jar file from browser

#spark configuration along with jar setting in our conf
my_conf = SparkConf()
my_conf.set("","write API")

#standard way of creating the df & loading the csv file
order_df ="csv")\

# writing the data in avro format for that we have to download the jar and configure in sparkConf and the avro file will be stored in below path which is newfolder_data 
order_write_df = order_df.write.format("avro")\


# now how to submit this jar to process above file on terminal for that,
# on terminal use 'spark-submit' and '--jars' option <path-of-jar-with-jarfile_name.jar> our
#example below
spark-submit --jars C:\Downloads\spark-avro_2.12-3.0.3.jar

# done!

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