weekly coding P2


Sat Jan 14 2023 14:29:14 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Saved by @Shaghaf_2000 #python

# Weekly coding exercise:
Thisprogram will calculate the tip and cost of the meal 
to be split between griends at a restaurant.

Take three inputs:
1. Total price of the meal
2. The percentage of tip to be given
3. The number of friends to split the cost by

totalPrice= float(input("Enter the total price of the meal: "))
tip= float(input("Enter the the percentage of the tip to be given in (of 100): "))
friends= float(input("Enter the number of friends to split the bill by: "))
if tip>=totalPrice:
    print("Invalid tip or invalid meal price")
elif tip>100 or tip<0:
    print("Invalid tip")
elif friends<2:
    print("Need more friends to split the bill by")
    # calculate tip:
    calculateTip= (totalPrice)*(tip/100)
    # add tip to the price: 
    mealTip = (totalPrice)+(calculateTip)

    print(f"The meal total (with tip) is ${mealTip}")
    person = (mealTip)/(friends)

    print(f"Each person should pay ${round(person,2)}")