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<div class="bg-white overflow-hidden ">
    <div class="relative max-w-7xl mx-auto py-8 px-4 sm:px-6 lg:px-8 ">

      <div class="mt-8 grid grid-cols-2 gap-4 md:gap-8 ">
        <div class=" col-span-2 md:col-span-1  flex items-center md:order-last">
          <div class=" mx-auto max-w-prose lg:max-w-none">

            <img class="w-full md:w-11/12"
              alt="animated gif">

        <div class="md:mt-8  lg:mt-0 col-span-2 md:col-span-1 flex items-center">

          <div class="mt-5   text-gray-500 mx-auto lg:max-w-none lg:row-start-1 lg:col-start-1 text-left">

            <h3 class="mt-6 text-4xl font-title uppercase text-gray-800 text-left">digital product specialists

            <p class="text-base text-gray-800 font-body">Our team, made of expert engineers, UX/UI designers, product
              specialists, and technical leaders, helps companies ideate, build, and launch thriving software products,
              ensuring top-quality in all the product spheres.