Linux: Installing Conquest Dicom Server


Sun Aug 28 2022 22:44:18 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Saved by @marcopinero #bash


sudo apt-get install postgresql conquest-common conquest-postgres

sudo su postgres -c "createdb dicomserver"
sudo su postgres -c "createuser dicomserver"
sudo su postgres -c "psql -c \"ALTER USER dicomserver WITH ENCRYPTED PASSWORD 'dicomserver'\""
sudo su postgres -c "psql -c \"GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE dicomserver TO dicomserver\""

sudo sed -i 's/CONQUESTSRV1/DICOMSERVER/g' /etc/conquest-dicom-server/dicom.ini
sudo sed -i 's/CONQUESTSRV1/DICOMSERVER/g' /etc/conquest-dicom-server/

sudo sed -i 's/SQLServer\s*\=\ conquest/SQLServer\ =\ dicomserver/g' /etc/conquest-dicom-server/dicom.ini
sudo sed -i 's/Username\s*\=\ postgres/Username\ =\ dicomserver/g' /etc/conquest-dicom-server/dicom.ini
sudo sed -i 's/Password\s*\=\ postgres/Password\ =\ dicomserver/g' /etc/conquest-dicom-server/dicom.ini

sudo sed -i 's/DGATE_ENABLE\=false/DGATE_ENABLE\=true/g' /etc/default/dgate

sudo service dgate stop
sudo service postgresql restart
sudo dgate -v -r
sudo service dgate start

#when installed: AET=DICOMSERVER, PORT=11112

Script for creating and starting simple conquest server on Ubuntu Server 15.10 willy wherewolf, from a clean installation using command line in few minutes. It installs all necessary dependencies too.