DSA Live for Working Professionals - Live


Sun Feb 06 2022 23:52:07 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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What you will learn :

 - All important concepts of Data Structures & Algorithms

 - How to enhance your problem solving skills for the product-based companies

 - Extensive knowledge on algorithms & frequently asked questions to help better your coding skills

 - Learn the problem-solving approach for the puzzle based questions asked in interviews

Course Overview : -------------------- An extensive interview-centric live course designed by industry experts to help you ace the interview of your dreams. We will help you enhance your conceptual knowledge about DSA and improve your problem-solving and coding skills. The main focus of these live classes will be to help you prepare for coding interviews of product-based companies like Microsoft, Uber, Amazon, and many more! Contests and Topics: ----------------------- GCL3 - C1 : Arrays, Recursion and Bit Magic GCL3 - C2 : Hashing and String . GCL3 - C3 : LinkedList GCL3 - C4: Stacks and Queues GCL3 - C5 : Trees and Heaps GCL3 - C6 : Graph Algorithms GCL3 - C7 : Dynamic Programming and Greedy Lectures: ---------- Week 1: Arrays, Recursion Week 2: Bit Manipulation, Hashing Week 3: Strings, Linked List Week 4: Linked List contd., Stack, Queue Week 5: Tree, BST Week 6: Heap, Graph Algorithms Week 7: Graph contd., Greedy Algorithm Week 8: Dynamic Programming