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import pandas as pd
from dataprep.eda import create_report
df = pd.read_csv("parking_violations.csv")


#plot correlation
plot_correlation(df, col1, col2)

#load dataset houses, titanic
from dataprep.datasets import load_dataset

#plot diff training and test data
from dataprep.datasets import load_dataset
import numpy as np
df1 = load_dataset("house_prices_train")
df1 = df1.replace(" ?", np.NaN)
df2 = load_dataset("house_prices_test")
df2 = df2.replace(" ?", np.NaN)

#save Report
from dataprep.eda import create_report
report = create_report(df, title='My Report')'report_01', to='~/Desktop')

Sun Nov 27 2022 06:30:20 GMT+0000 (UTC)

#python #pandas #cost #benefit #sensitivity

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