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git branch -r | grep -v '\->' | while read remote; do git branch --track "${remote#origin/}" "$remote"; done
git fetch --all
git pull --all
    // Debugger Tool for Firefox has to be installed:
    // And Remote has to be enabled:
    "version": "0.2.0",
    "configurations": [
            "type": "firefox",
            "request": "launch",
            "name": "Launch Firefox against localhost",
            "url": "http://localhost:3000",
            "webRoot": "${workspaceFolder}",
            "enableCRAWorkaround": true,
            "reAttach": true,
            "reloadOnAttach": true,
            "reloadOnChange": {
                "watch": "${workspaceFolder}/**/*.ts",
                "ignore": "**/node_modules/**"
  "editor.formatOnSave": true,
  "typescript.tsdk": "./node_modules/typescript/lib",
  "eslint.format.enable": true,
  "editor.codeActionsOnSave": {
    "source.fixAll.eslint": true
  "python.formatting.provider": "black",
  "python.linting.enabled": false,
  "python.linting.pylintEnabled": true,
  "python.formatting.blackPath": "black",
  "python.pythonPath": ".env/bin/python",
  "editor.formatOnSave": true

Tue Sep 21 2021 10:42:30 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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Thu Sep 02 2021 14:15:48 GMT+0000 (UTC)

#setting #vscode

Thu Jul 22 2021 19:56:14 GMT+0000 (UTC)

#setting #vscode #typescript

Thu Jul 22 2021 19:06:36 GMT+0000 (UTC)

#setting #vscode #python

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