Use image as overlay mask for opacity for another image via imageMagick


Wed Jun 09 2021 08:17:27 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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# You can use imageMagick to create a gradient image on the fly, but with all the weird possibilities I didn't quite get the hang of it (yet). Anyway, a default 50:50 gradient can be created via "convert -size 100x100 gradient:black-white target.png". To shift the center, you can chain multiple gradients and use the ""-append" flag
❯ convert -size 1000x600 gradient:black-black -size 1000x400 gradient:black-none -append gradient.png

# To use the gradient as a mask on your image, they should be the same size. You can easily resize the image. But keep in mind that imageMagixk respects the proportions and resizes X and Y according to the smaller value
❯ convert gradient.png -resize 1200x800 gradient_resized.png

# Here is how to combine the two, so that you're left with a new image with the mask applied
❯ convert content.jpg gradient_resized.png -alpha on -compose CopyOpacity -composite result.png

Only tried with black for mask color. But since it uses the alpha channel of the mask image the color should be irelevant.

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