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# Do not forget the trailing dash in the source and target destinaton paths!

# Synchronize current directory to server
rsync -avPh --stats --delete ./ HOST:REMOTE_PATH/
# Synchronize a local directory to server
rsync -avPh --stats --delete LOCAL_PATH/ HOST:REMOTE_PATH/
# Sync remote server with local path
rsync -avPh --stats --delete HOST:REMOTE_PATH LOCAL_PATH

# Ignoring tables and files larger than...
rsync -avPh --no-perms --progress  --max-size=1.5m --exclude=_processed_ --exclude=_temp_ --delete HOST:REMOTE_PATH LOCAL_PATH

Wed Aug 04 2021 16:56:10 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

#server #sync #copy

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